In order to prep for our weekly pop-ups with holiday demand, ORDERS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. We will reopen online order forms on December 26th. Visit us at our Holiday Pop-ups at Flourish Fort Mill (122A Main Street Fort Mill) from 4-7pm on Tuesdays.

We offer a wide variety of gourmet desserts and have listed our favorites below!

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Made with a chocolate shell, a hot chocolate bomb contains mini marshmallows and flavored cocoa inside… Everything you need to make the perfect mug of hot cocoa!

All you do is pour hot milk over the bomb and watch the magic happen as the chocolate melts away and the marshmallows appear. Now cozy up and enjoy!

Hot chocolate bombs are $6, designer $8.

Handcrafted Macarons

Macarons first capture your attention with tantalizing colors – jewel tones, pastels or metallic embellishments – that give them the appearance of jewels. But they don’t stand on looks alone. The contrast between their crispy shells and soft fillings make them the most perfect way to satisfy a craving. Our macarons are naturally gluten free and have endless design/filling options!

Minimum order of one dozen required. A dozen macarons are $42. Add a gift box for $10. Price doesn’t include tax

Macaron Cakes

We are always happily working away in our kitchen to bring you fresh macaron creations! These cookie cakes are labor intensive and the process that goes into making them is very involved. We make everything from scratch each day; our shells, our buttercream fillings and unique garnishes. Each of our cakes are hand-piped (not by a machine). The details on our little gems are meticulously decorated by hand. We admire the human element of making them and that is what sets us apart.

These cakes are rich in flavor – a little goes a long way so you can entertain many! Choose your filling, color, design and more!

Macaron cakes are 8″ diameter, three filling layers, four macaron round layers and five individual custom macarons garnished on top. Cakes are $110 + sales tax.

Hungry? Let’s get the party started!

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